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Tribal Rugs [ Lori Baff ] [Kashkuli Baff ] [Gabbeh]

This product is our specialty as well as our core-competence. We take pride in manufacturing this product here in India & are almost the best producer in the country. Our prices very reasonable in comparison to the suppliers of Iran & adjacent countries.

These are hand knotted Persian rugs & have their roots in Iran more specifically the south of Iran.
These carpets were originally made by the tribes of Iran who used to make it without any maps or sketches they simply wove their imagination on the rugs & that is how a new design would evolve.

These rugs have a lot of contemporary work, hence are very much deviated from the traditional Persian look. One of the most remarkable feature in rug is that it is 100% hand made, even the wool used is spun on the hand spinning wheels to give that special effect. Warps and wefts used are of undyed wool.

Qualities we make are 8/45, 10/52, 11/55, 13/65.

Speaking in terms of knots we have a range of 90 knots to 250 knots per square inch.

We use only hand spun yarn, which is obtained from a blend of very high quality wools.

The Colours we use are obtained form soft & nature friendly dyes. Very warm & earthen shades are used mostly like naturals, beiges, rusts, terracotta etc.

Special features of this rug are - it has a very thin & loose pile having a very lusturous & glazed finish.

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