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Tribal rugs

This product is our specialty as well as our core-competence. We take pride in manufacturing this product here in India & are almost the best producer in the country. Our prices very reasonable in comparison to the suppliers of Iran & adjacent countries.[more]
[ Lori Baff ] [Kashkuli Baff ] [Gabbeh]

Traditional Persian carpets
Hand knotted Persian Design carpets are famous world over for their intricate floral designs and the warm colors in which they are available. Skilled craftsmen make these on traditional Hand-operated looms, by adding each knot they give life to the old legendary art. [more]
Hand tufted carpets
To produce hand tufted carpets primary cloth i.e. pile-inserting fabric that is called ‘Tufted Fabric’ is manufactured separately. For inserting the pile, Tufting guns are used by skilled workers [more]
Hand loom rugs
As the name suggests these are made on the handlooms & are also known as broad looms. These rugs can be of any size depending upon the requirement. [more]
A highly fashionable item of current market, this variety is available in several qualities & colors & is also in good demand these days [more]
Dhurry & other modern items
This product is the most economical product having no limits to the varieties & designs. It is also available in several qualities & sizes of choice [more]

The extraordinary ranges of carpets we manufacture for you are rarely available in the market. We are specialized in manufacturing of Indian hand knotted & hand tufted woolen carpets & rugs in varied qualities & designs.

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